Monday, June 2, 2008

This made me smile.

"The Hug a Tree Project was started due to the realisation of the need to promote love, affection, and interaction between humans and nature - especially trees. Hugging a tree is both beneficial for the treehugger and the tree being hugged. The healing power for both of the parties should not be underestimated. ..."

I wonder if they would like a Canadian branch. Bad puns aside, I really like this idea.

Of course, if I started it over here, I'd have to deal with any resulting media interest, which could be problematic due to my broom closet status. And then if the fact that I am a closeted witch came out, there'd be the whole "you must come out because you owe it to your fellow witches" versus "I completely understand why she's in the closet -- they all just want to see us burn" thing. Before I'd know it, it would be an all-out Witch War, and then who would have time to hug the trees?

Being a witch is just so darn complicated sometimes.

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