Thursday, May 15, 2008

In times like these ...

... why is it that one's spirituality drops to the bottom of the list of priorities? How can we nurture others if we neglect to nurture ourselves?

I have just added and back-dated two months' worth of Celtic tree information, and I've updated the moons and Sabbat info. I have not only been neglecting the blog, but pretty much my entire inner being as well.

Case in point: Every night before going to sleep, I look at my to-do list on my PDA and change "update almanac info on PDA" to "tomorrow". And I never do it.

One reader, my beloved "L", asked what I did for Beltaine. The sad thing is, I don't really remember.

I have, however, been delighting in the reawakening of the Earth. I have been smiling as I wake each morning to the chaotic concert of the birds, and I've been smiling at the carpet of dandelions that appeared overnight.

I have been stopping to smell the roses.

I just haven't been making it a priority to do so.

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