Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Be careful what you wish for?

Sometimes, you just have to wonder.

A week or so ago, the pagan email groups I subscribe to were all a-flutter about an enormous doughnut-brandishing Homer Simpson having been painted next to an ancient chalk outline of the Cerne Abbas giant, a pagan sacred site. People on the lists were primarily upset about two things: 1) the obvious disrespect for pagan beliefs and sites (one person suggested that this would never happen at, say, the Vatican), and 2) the pagans mentioned in the article were planning on doing some "rain magic" to try to get Homer washed away (which doesn't really help the erroneous image of pagans being the sort to use their "magic powers" as a means of revenge against those they disagree with. Sure, some do, but the majority don't, and we tend to all be painted with the same brush.)

Well, lying there last night, watching the news as I tried to get to sleep, and seeing all of the footage of the devastating flooding in Britain this week, I remembered Homer and the "rain magic", and couldn't help wondering if there could be some connection.

We say that what we send out comes back to us three-fold, and that sometimes if intentions aren't the purest, things can go very, very wrong.

Sometimes one really has to wonder.

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