Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trying to grow a green thumb

One of the many unexpected pleasures I received from my trip to Ontario was that I was able to enjoy the beauty that is my uncle and aunt's property. It's an incredible place -- almost enchanting -- and it renewed my aspirations in creating a beautiful green space of my own. Only problem? Unless it's one of two types of plants, everything I touch that's botanical dies.

Well, yesterday I decided I was going to jump in with both feet and I bought a beautiful lavender plant at a local garden centre. Lavender seems to be my aunt's favourite, so by starting there, I not only am doing it in a tribute to her, but I'm also hoping some of her "good growing vibes" will rub off on me. The garden place didn't have a pot I liked, so I left it in the kitchen sink after I watered it, and then after supper tonight I went out and bought a big terra cotta pot. I think I'll put all of my herbs in pots so that if it turns out I have things that can't survive the winter, I can just bring them inside.

My original plan was to plant the lavender tonight, because today is supposed to be an "extra good" day for planting, according to my almanac. The only problem is that by the time I'd bought the pot, the moon had already gone void of course. Given that I'm not the best at this gardening thing to begin with, and that we're still in a period of Mercury retrograde (this isn't really communications, but it's still starting a new project), I decided not to tempt fate -- I'll wait until the morning.

Tomorrow's "incense of the day" happens to be lavender. How perfect is that?

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Anonymous said...

You'll also be happy to hear that lavendar is really hard to kill...