Friday, October 22, 2004

The Company of Men

I love men. I love talking with them, listening to them, watching them, laughing with them. Being around men makes me happy, and usually my friends of choice are male. I simply understand and get along better with men than I do women. Truth be told, I simply like men better.

I’m not sure why I often do not get along well with women. It might have to do with the tumultuous relationship I’ve endured with my mother for the past three decades. In any case, I have a deep-seated distrust of women. I don’t understand why they do the things they do – why they can be so catty and nasty over the most ridiculous, superficial things. And I’ve never been a very “girly-girl” to begin with, so I find it difficult to relate to women.

Of course, preferring the company of men has done nothing to improve my relationships with women. After all, if I enjoy spending time with men, I must be after women’s husbands, right?

Well, guess what? I have a husband of my own! Mine is a little quirky, but I love him to bits, and wouldn’t trade him for any other. He makes me very happy, and I see no need to steal anyone else’s when I have a wonderful husband of my own. Many women, in my experience, haven’t been able to grasp that concept, and go off in fits of jealous rage when they find that I am friends with their significant others, leading to needless angst and tension all the way around.

Sometimes life is just way too complicated.

I’m going to bed now. With my own husband.

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