Sunday, July 4, 2004

Fire in the Sky

I’m listening to the fireworks and my heart thudding in my chest. I’m not sure which one is louder.

You know who you are, Friend, and now you know who I am, too. And although I’m 97% sure I’m safe in telling you, the 3% has me all a-flutter.

It is both a relief and exhilerating to be able to wear my pointy hat around you, and to share my journeys as I continue to rediscover things. I’m moving very slowly, as this blog will attest, but I am moving. Being solitary means I have to teach myself. Being closeted means I have to move further afield for connections with like individuals. Being sensitive means I have to be guarded. Being trusting means I don’t guard myself enough. But I trust you – I know you will not hurt me. It’s just not your style.

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