Thursday, July 25, 2002


I have heard from Another of the Three and I am so very happy. Life is good. Very, very good. This leaves just one, and since she is in the final weeks of her pregnancy, she’s probably otherwise occupied. :)

It has been sunny here for three days running. I can barely believe that. Especially since it’s July! I should probably go out back and take advantage of it. I still have flowers that would like to be planted, and a yard that might like to be mown.

I have taken an unintended leave of absence from the book. I will most likely spend the weekend working on it. I don’t want to burn out on it, being a short story writer and all.

I am so, so happy that S. and her husband understand. I feel like blowing up balloons or something. It really makes me breathe a huge sigh of relief. They are two people who are incredibly important to me, and their support means a lot.

Time to go grow flowers. Sure wish I had a green thumb, instead of the brown, crunchy one I have now! :)

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