Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Circle

Last night, Maiden, Crone and I got together for a much-needed evening of Tarot, tea, sharing of knowledge, and just good old-fashioned cackling. (I'm particularly looking forward to a repeat of Crone's muffin experiment at Beltaine!)

I love hanging out with my soul sisters. We are all at different phases of our lives, facing different challenges and changes. It has been a rough winter for all three of us, for varying reasons, but when we are together, there is a strength -- an energy -- that fuels and heals us all.

We tried a new Tarot spread -- an astrological one. All three of us had our cards read in sequence; first Maiden, then me, then Crone. We had never used this particular spread before, and as much as I love the Celtic Cross, it was exciting to try something new. It never ceases to amaze me at how "bang on" the cards can sometimes be.

A couple of the lessons that I took away from my reading were that I should be rekindling my love of writing, and that I should have more faith in my creative abilities -- that I'm holding myself back. Both of these messages ring true, so I'm going to tuck them away in my heart.

Here is a picture of my astrological Tarot spread. (The candy was how we kept track of which card represented the First House, in case you're wondering!) I love the fact that the card for my First House is the Three of Cups, as this is the card always makes me think of our Circle. Three Queens of Cups, coming together in celebration of life, spirit, and each other.

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clairedulalune said...

I think you are right about tarot cards being bang on sometimes. I do readings for friends and sometimes we laugh about it, until they ring me and say they were right! People say "wow, your great!" but it's not me, its the cards! Great blog by the way, pleased to meet you!