Sunday, December 21, 2008

From the Dark Comes Light

Blessed Yule, everyone!

Last night I had such a wonderful time. We had a Yule gathering of family and friends at Crone's home. It was the first time I've ever actually celebrated Winter Solstice with others and it was wonderful!

Maiden and I went to Crone's to help her prepare the feast, and it was so much fun! Such a feast for the eyes, as well! Crone is a phenomenal hostess, and under her tutelage, Maiden and I helped to create an amazing buffet. (Crone said my cheese plate looked very "Queen Street West", a bistro area in Toronto. I am so proud!)

All in all, the party totaled about fifteen people, all gathered together around the cauldron for a simple solstice ritual, lighting candles and making wishes. Then we ate, compared cameras, ate some more, had a Yankee swap, ate some more, hugged and wished each other the best the season has to offer. My husband could not join us as he was ill, but my sister was there (she is also a friend of Crone's family), and it was such a place of love and warmth. I felt (and feel) so very blessed!

As the light flickers and gains strength, and the days become longer, may your blessings also grow. Happy Yule!

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