Sunday, September 28, 2008


Just had this little analysis done via Facebook. Do you think it sounds like me?

Sun 14°Pi30:
You can be very sympathetic, idealistic, compassionate, sensitive to the needs of others and imaginative, but avoid being unsympathetic especially to those who are closest to you! Impractical. Inspired by sadness, ocean, soft music & spirituality.

Moon 13°Aq16:
You have a cool, scintillating quality and respond more to affection than passion. One parent usually original but erratic. You express your feelings in unemotional ways. Careful of spine and circulation problems. Manipulative but concerned for society.

Mercury 29°Aq26:
You have an original and inventive mind but can be very erratic. Objective, progressive but rather impersonal. Excellent for computers, advertising, marketing, media and new ideas. Avoid manipulation and cool sarcasm. Often ahead of time but stubborn.

Venus 24°Pi07:
You are very romantic and extremely idealistic in love matters. Emotionally very vulnerable, unrealistic and easily hurt in love but tend to place loved ones on a pedestal. You need romance and fantasy in marriage to avoid other deceptive relationships.

Mars 28°Ar53:
You have sudden bursts of high energy but need to finish things before the challenge is over. Excellent for sports but careful of fast cars and head injuries. Often migraines, scar near eye- brows and sugar problems. Can be very aggressive and hasty.

I think it probably does ... perhaps a bit too much.

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