Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preparing for the Move

I went out and had a chat with the Hawthorn the other day, gently untangling it from the wild peas it was laying in and lifting it up to its full spindly height. This conversation taught me two important lessons: 1) The Hawthorn will die if I leave it where it is, and 2) HawTHORNs are aptly named.

Transplanting a Hawthorn should be done in the spring, I've learned, and since it's already summer, I should really do this sooner rather than later. Roots do their growing in the autumn, so if she's in her new home soon, it might give her a chance to stabilize before the snow. I've looked in the almanac and both tomorrow and Saturday are forecast to be good days for planting. I hope they are also good for transplanting.

In typical Rowan style, I've been doing some research on the Internet to get some advice on this particular project. These two links from the University of Minnesota have been particularly helpful:

I've looked, and Minnesota is in the 4a Plant Hardiness Zone, and I live in 5a, so hopefully it's not too big of a difference between them. (After all, I can drive and be in 4a in about an hour.)

Wish us luck.

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