Friday, July 11, 2008

Music, music, music ...

One of the things I love about iTunes is that I can just turn on one of their "radio stations" and let it go. My favourite station is "Pagan Radio" (under "Religious") because I get to hear a lot of music I wouldn't otherwise.

A lot of pagan music tends to be the sort of thing that makes me cringe -- high-pitched Celtic female voices, or mumbled incantations. But there is a lot of good stuff, too. In truth, I tend to prefer the instrumental side of things, and there's lots of that played, as well.

Today's new discovery for me is the music of the Dragon Ritual Drummers. It's really hypnotic and catchy, all at the same time. So far all I've heard is "Abmas", but I think I'll be looking into finding some more of their music.

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