Sunday, June 8, 2008

There is joy in the spring ...

There are many things for which I am known, but having a green thumb is not one of them. (For those of you who are wondering about last year's much-loved lavender plant, it's dead. I forgot to bring it in for the winter.)

When you love plants and flowers but aren't really good at keeping them alive, you tend to appreciate the "automatic" ones even more.

I have a few lilac bushes in my backyard and they are beginning to bloom. Their season is so short that I bring large bunches of them into the house, to enjoy them as much as possible.

So here is a picture of my lilacs for you to enjoy.

It has been a wonderful weekend. Yesterday, I managed to visit a wonderful store called The White Lotus, in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Unfortunately it was fifteen minutes before closing when I arrived there, but I enjoyed what time I had. They had a wonderful variety of things -- I especially enjoyed looking at the stones and drums -- and seemed to carry a lot of organic/holistic items as well. I hope to go back and visit someday, when I have more time and money. (I did manage to bring home a tiny brass bell, a couple of smudge bundles and a wonderful incense stick burner. I prefer to use cones, but you can't always get the scents you need in cones.)

I love living where I do, but I really wish I didn't have to go to another province in order to visit such a store. Sometimes a pointy-hatted girl just wants to be able to browse.

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