Friday, June 20, 2008

Blessed Solstice

I had no real plans for how I was going to celebrate Litha (the Summer Solstice) -- I was just certain I was going to do something.

So I headed out to a large local park with my dog. It's the sort of place where there are lots of trails winding through the trees, leading to deserted, rocky ocean beaches. It was a pity I had to keep the dog on a leash, but it was still so good to be outside, surrounded by Nature.

This is one of a handful of pictures I snapped while we were wandering. I was really taken by the way that the trees and sky were reflecting in the shallow pool of water, contrasting with the green ferns and moss.

The sun doesn't go down until 9:16 PM. I'm sure I can find some mischief to get into before then.

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