Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Card at a Time

Last night I finally started working on my Tarot notebook. I didn't want to do too much on it last night because the moon was void of course all day, and I usually avoid starting new things in such a situation, but I did write up a page and decide on how I wanted to organize things.

My plan is, after putting in notes on question-phrasing and correspondences, to do a card at a time. I always learn better by writing, so I'm not only making a compilation to study from, but I'm studying as I go.

I'm using a few different books, plus notes from a course I took, as sources. I'm also thinking I might put some pictures in as well, but both of my printers are out of order at the moment.

In other news ... Today is supposed to be a good day for networking and business matters, so I decided to stop procrastinating (out of fear of rejection) and made an appointment to go see about a consolidation loan. If you've got some extra "good vibes" handy around 3 PM Eastern time, I'd appreciate you sending them my way. I've prepared things as best I can (figured out the numbers, put my facts together, decided what to say, and burnt some "prosperity" incense to boot), so let's all cross our fingers, shall we?

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