Sunday, August 12, 2007

Simple pleasures

I enjoy quiet Sunday mornings. I think, in some ways, that they are even sweeter now that I have a part-time job that makes me go in on Sundays. But not today. Today is a day that will be focused on the home, and family, and things that make me happy.

As I was sitting at the computer desk, looking at my almanacs (and realizing I'd been neglecting this blog a little bit), I saw that today was a day that was marked as a good day for harvest. That reminded me of the blueberries that I keep meaning to pick in the front yard. Since I hadn't had breakfast yet, and the idea of blueberries on my cardboardy high-fibre cereal sounded great, I headed out with a small bowl and my camera.

It was almost like meditating, curling up on the grass and silently picking the berries. I even startled a grasshopper who landed briefly on my arm (no "molasses", which was a good thing), and picked just enough berries to leave some for tomorrow or Tuesday. They were yummy!

In other "green" news, my lavender is still alive, and since I had the camera out anyway, I am presenting you with some evidence that I am no longer a weapon of mass destruction where the flora of the world are concerned. (The blueberries don't count -- they just grow and I eat them.)

The lavender is encouraging. I think I might try to grow a few more herbs next year, since this attempt was somewhat successful (although I am told that lavender is hard to kill). I'm fond of rosemary, both the sight and the smell, and I think that might be next on my list. Will I someday be a kitchen witch, with little pots all along the window sills above my sink? I would love to be, but I think that we are a long way away from that happening! Much learning must be done between now and then (and insulating the kitchen and the rest of this old house against the harsh winter chills might not be a bad idea, either).

So that's how things are in my little corner of the world. I hope things in yours are just as tranquil and content.

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